Rustic Wedding at Los Verdes Golf Course

This bride and her mama were two of my favorite people to work with!  She LOVED babies breathe which completely went with her choice of wedding theme, rustic.  We custom built the wine barrel arch by cutting out a whole in the top of each barrel and placing a 4×4 in each one.  The lace drape used, was actually one of my moms old table clothes…..who would have known LOL.  I loved that we splashed in some pops of pink with the roses, and hanging amaranthus continues to be one of my all time favorites in a bouquet.  The tiny pink accents inside her bouquet, are actually pink babies breathe!  The aisles were lined with wood plaques that had different love quotes on each one.  It was adorable!

They exchanged personalized vows and had a very creative sand ceremony.  Love was definitely in the air that day!

Here are some more ceremony pics!

The reception took place in the ball room at Los Verdes Golf Course.  The bride and her mother approached me a few weeks before the wedding with a concern for the plain wall behind the sweetheart table.  So, I designed and custom built a wood paneled back drop for them, complete with their own initials.  To go along with the rustic theme, we switched up the centerpieces on the tables which made the room so much more eye catching.


“I hired Desiree to do all of my flowers and decor, and she did an amazing job! She was very professional, creative, and receptive to all of our needs and wants. We did a rustic themed wedding and everything came out beautiful. We received tons of compliments on all of the decor and flowers.”  – The Bride


“Desiree was highly recommended to us for my daughter’s wedding as a Florist. From our first meeting with Desiree, I knew she would be perfect to work with. We told her what our ideas were and she worked with them. She showed us several options. She had beautiful ideas for our Rustic Chic theme for both the ceremony and the reception. Everytime I had a question, I was able to email, text or call Desiree with no problem. She was always available for me. Everything Desiree did for us came out beautiful. We had so many wonderful compliments. Of all the vendors that I had to deal with, Desiree, by far, was the easiest and my favorite. I will be using her again.” – Mother of the Bride


Flowers and Decor: Desiree Carol Special Events

Photographer: Bellini Photo

Venue: Los Verdes Golf Course

Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa – Matt and Meghan

Matt and Meghan’s destination wedding in Lake Arrowhead was one of my FAVORITE wedding weekends.  I love when couples make a weekend out of their wedding.  Ultimately, the day goes by SO fast.  It gives you so much more one on one time with your guests and the ability to truly meet and greet everyone, making it more of a personalized event.

Every extra you can throw into a wedding, this couple had!  Upgraded food, bar, the ultimate welcome baskets, a welcome party (that pretty much looked like and felt like a wedding itself), and a farewell brunch!  The majority of the guests enjoyed the hotel and its facilities, and others rented large cabins to share with family and friends that were minutes away from the hotel.

These two’s families combined equaled 5 kids total…..ALL GIRLS!!! They were the sweetest, and so supportive of mom and dad.  Matt’s eldest sang with a band, accompanied by her father on drums, at the rehearsal dinner!  Her solo was such a treat!   Meghan’s eldest, also her Maid of Honor, delivered a speech that had the entire room laughing, crying, cheering, and applauding!  If my daughter ever delivers half that speech at a special event for my husband and I…..I would feel like the most successful parent ever!

Pictures say 1000 words when True Bliss Photography is behind the camera.  Check out some more details from this gorgeous Lake Arrowhead Wedding!  Cheers to Matt and Meghan!


Full Coordination: Desiree Carol Special Events

Flowers and Decor: Desiree Carol Special Events

Photographer: True Bliss Photography

Videographer and Photobooth: Super Nova Films

Venue: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa

Stationary: Polkadot Weekend


The Ultimate Welcome Bag

The Ultimate Welcome Bag

Planning a destination wedding or even a local wedding including a lot of out of town guests?  A welcome bag is the best way to show your guests how much you truly care for their presence on your big day and make their weekend even more enjoyable!  I have put welcome bags together with a variety of different goodies and in a variety of sizes.  Here is a list of some of my top ingredients to the making of The Ultimate Welcome Bag!

1.  The Actual Bag:  It’s the first thing people see….the first impression your guests get at your welcome bag!  Why not choose something resourceful.  Don’t get me wrong….I love the look of a basket.  You can organize all of your items inside so they look nice, neat and presentable.  However, are they realistic?  If you have only 10 baskets….maybe.  But imagine toting 50 welcome baskets into a hotel the day before the wedding!  That is a LOT of room in your car, and a lot of man power to load, unload, and deliver.  Not to mention your guests having to fit them into their own luggage to potentially fly or drive home.  The majority will clear out the basket and leave them behind.  I am going to advise a nice tote.  Something your guests can use as a pool bag, or even for their weekly grocery store trips after the wedding is over.  A constant reusable reminder of the AWESOME time they had at your wedding!  I love when couples add a little welcome note to the outside of their bags.  Thank you’s always go a long way!

Check out these totes on Amazon!

2.  Hangover Remedies:  These are surely to come in handy over the weekend if your friends and families are anything like mine LOL We LOVE to party!  The list goes on in this category and they offer the CUTEST bags for all of your hangover remedies on Amazon!

Personalized water bottles.  Anything with your name on it….just makes it THAT much cuter and special!

Gatorade, Anacin, Tums, Eye Drops, Gum, Emergency, Tylenol, and do not forget the Blowfish!!!  This stuff works SO good.  I say that with experience LOL  Drop some of these in your water in the morning and all is right in the world again!  You can find it in bulk on Amazon here:

3.  Kids Treats:  I have to give a huge shout out to one of my favorite couples, Matt and Meghan!  They got married in Lake Arrowhead in the fall.  Complete with 130 guests….about 40 of them being kids and teens under the age of 18.  They totally NAILED this part of their Welcome Bags (along with just about every other aspect of them….seriously the best welcome bags I have ever seen).  Kids love to be busy, and lets face it….us parents love for them to be busy even more!  Throw some coloring books, markers, crayons, activities, snacks, glow sticks and games.  You can find an entire slew of fun stuff at your local dollar tree or 99 cent store.  Matt and Meghan, took it to an entire other level.  They created personalized coloring books for each of the kids, complete with mazes, such as “Help Matt’s Best Man Find the Wedding Rings”, coloring pages of wedding festivities, the list went on…..and they were absolutely adorable!

4. The Cheesy Swag: No welcome bag is complete without some cheesy swag inside.  “Mint to Be” – mints, “Our Love is the Balm” – chapstick, and/or M & M’s with your picture and initials on them.

5.  The Favors: I love the idea of incorporating the wedding favors into the welcome bags.  I can not tell you how many weddings I have worked, or attended, and at the end of the night, about half of the wedding favors are left on the tables.  People just forget them!  In the welcome bag, it is guaranteed to get to their room!  My favorite favor is a personalized glass….wine glass, water cup, shot glass.  Something that every time your guest drinks out of it, they think of you and your special day!  The most cost effective way to do this is hit up your local dollar tree.  They have ALL sorts of glassware.  Use glass writing, dishwasher safe, felt pens to write everyone’s names on each glass, your initials, future last name, wedding date, etc.  I have even used this technique and used the glasses as the guests place cards.

You can find the markers here:

6.  Weekend Itinerary: The best part of a destination or even a stay-cation wedding is that you get to enjoy your guests for more then just the wedding day.  A weekend itinerary is the perfect way to let them know what you will be up to all weekend long.  Plan a welcome dinner or welcome cocktails the night before your wedding, a buffet brunch the day after, make it an entire weekend of memories as opposed to just your 4-6 hours of a reception!

Welcome Bags are just one of the very many ways you can personalize your wedding weekend.  The big day is all about the details!  Drop a comment below about the best item you have given or received in a welcome basket at an event!  And as always, thanks for reading y’all!

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! – Andrianna & Frank

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! – Andrianna & Frank

Hello everyone! For today’s wedding feature, I am highlighting Adrianna & Frank’s gorgeous Temecula wedding.

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 20

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 1

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 2

For their venue, they chose Galway Downs in Temecula. It is so magical there! Trees, horses, nature, and land everywhere you look! Their rustic theme matched the venue perfectly.

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 3

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 4

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 6

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 25

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 26

I am so happy I was able to be a part of this wedding.

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 7

See the big glass pane garage style door in the photo below?  Talk about a GRAND entrance.  The guests sat in their seats with jaws dropped as the beautiful glass door elegantly opened up in a V-shape form and the entire bridal party entered to join the reception!

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 22

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 8

Flowers: Desiree Carol Special Events

Venue: Galway Downs in Temecula

Photography: Mike Arick Photography

Videography: Sun Beat Films

Love this wedding? Check out this amazing rustic SoCal wedding.

More photos from the beautiful day below:

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 24

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank

 Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Andrianna & Frank 26

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 9

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 10

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 11

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 12

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 13

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 14

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 15

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 16

Galway Down Temecula Wedding! - Adrianna & Frank 17



Natural History Museum Wedding! – Simon & Savannah

Natural History Museum Wedding! – Simon & Savannah

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday! Here is a look at one of my favorite weddings.


Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 15

There’s nothing better than witnessing young love! Working with Simon and Savannah was an absolute dream. They were so cute, young, and in love.

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah

They both had a love of dinosaurs which ended up setting the theme for their wedding!

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 3

To go with their love of dinosaurs, they chose the Natural History Museum as their venue!

Natural-History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 4

It was so fun creating with them.  They gave me free rein and were extremely accepting of all of my ideas!

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 5

Thank you so much, Simon and Savannah, for letting me help you create your perfect day!

Take a look at one of my favorite SoCal February Weddings here!

Full Coordinator and Florist: Desiree Carol Special Events

Photographer: Barry HackettHitched Photo  

Venue: Natural History Museum

Keep scrolling for more stunning photos from their wedding day:

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 10

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 13

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 14

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 12

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 11

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 6

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 16

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 7

Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 8


Natural History Museum Wedding! Simon Savannah 10




February Wedding! – Ray & Erin

February Wedding! – Ray & Erin

Hi everyone! Happy February! Who else feels like things are finally back to normal after the holiday crazies?! I know I do! January was such a “catch-up” month, and then once February rolled around it’s like, “Okay, 2019, let’s do this!”.

So, in honor of February, I want to reflect back on a wedding from February a few years ago! The couple, Ray and Erin, were absolutely amazing to work with and the day turned out to be a dream!

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 1

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 19

However, it did not start out that way. The original ceremony was planned to take place outside at a beautiful Southern California marina called The Plaza. That was until it started to pour rain. And this rain was like anything I’ve ever seen before! It turned out to be the biggest rainstorm Southern California has seen since the 1980s!

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 18

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 20

Thankfully we were able to throw up a tent and move the ceremony indoors because the show must go on!

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 6

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 13

Ray and Erin were so happy with how everything turned out, and they were so in love that nothing could ruin their big day, not even the most unfortunate weather circumstances since 1980!

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 3

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 11

Everything turned out absolutely beautifully. PLUS we had the romantic sounds of the rain pitter-pattering outside in the background.

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 14

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 15

Life truly is what you make of it!

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 16

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 17

xo Des

Full Coordinator and Florist: Desiree Carol Special Events

Photographer: True Bliss Photo

Venue: The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina

Here are a few more photos from the beautiful day!

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 21

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 22

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 23

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 24

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 27

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 28

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 30

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 31

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 25

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 26

February Wedding! Ray & Erin 29

Leftover Turkey Quesidilla’s with Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce

Like most people, I look at my huge container of left over turkey and think….what am I going to do with this stuff!  So I came up with this magical recipe that has become a post holiday MUST have at our house and only takes minutes to make!  Here it is:

What you need:

For the Quesadilla’s:

  • 1 Tbsp Butter
  • 2 Tortillas
  • Shredded Mexican Cheese
  • Shredded Leftover Turkey

For the Cranberry Sauce:

  • 1 Can Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
  • 1 Chopped Fresh Jalapenos
  • 1/4 Bunch Chopped Fresh Cilantro
  • 1/4 Cup Chopped Pecans
  • 1/4 Cup Craisins and/or Raisins
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar

The Quesadilla’s:

Pretty basic.  Assemble your quesadilla.  Add your cheese and turkey to your tortillas.  Butter your pan and grill to perfection!

The Cranberry Sauce:

I actually doctor up my cranberry sauce for the actual holiday meal.  Combine all ingredients except the jalapenos and cilantro and voila.  BEST CRANBERRY SAUCE EVER!!!!  It goes great with turkey, ham, and pretty much anything else.  Then, for my quesadillas, I take the cranberry and add the cilantro and jalapenos.  Stir and serve!

Bon Appetit!

– Des

Who is Love.Marriage.BabyCarriages – PLUS: A Holiday Giveaway!

Hi All!  Welcome to my BLOG and thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow me!  For my first post, I would like to take a little time to introduce who I am, what it is I do, and my intentions with this blog.  Welp, here we go!!!

LOVE:  I LOVE all things beautiful!  Pretty much, anything that make me happy or the people around me.  This portion could cover a wide range of topics: beauty tips, local hot spots, decor, party spots, etc.  All the fun stuff!

MARRIAGE: Dual fitting.  I am a certified event planner and florist in Southern California.  I single handedly started Desiree Carol Special Events almost a decade ago.  Weddings are my passion!  I love helping peoples dreams come true on one of the biggest days of their lives!  Stressful, at times.  Rewarding, ALWAYS!   Secondly, I am married!  My husband, Mark, is a fire fighter for LA City (That is him proposing on the right…I know….score!!!)  On top of that he is my best friend, smart, funny, and I may be a little biased….but super handsome as well!

BABY CARRIAGES:  I think you can guess where this one is going….yep…I am a mommy!!!  I have two adorable children aged 2 and 4 currently.  Mason, my oldest, is  a horseback riding, animal loving, piano playing stud.  Charlee Joy, my youngest, is a total girly girl!  You will constantly catch her with a purse on her shoulder and a pair of moms shoes or jewelry accessorizing an outfit.

So in a nutshell, that is me!  Des.  I am a self employed mommy of two!  And I have quite a few tricks and tips up my sleeve!  So thank you in advance for following my blog!

In honor of my first post…..I present this holiday Give Away!  Super easy to win….head over to my Instagram page, love.marriage.babycarriages, click on my Holiday Giveaway post, and follow the directions from there!

Best of luck to all who enter!